Things to Consider For Trademark Australia

Once the trademark search and application has done, you need to consider the following aspects.

The Trademark Examination

Examination period is important to do and in order to know how to trademark a name in Australia. Your application will be sent to IP Australia, where it will be scrutinized for a period of just about 3 months. Your examiner will decide whether or not your mark is appropriate for registration and will carry out one more search of the Trademarks Register. If examiner thinks that your mark is inappropriate, you will be given an unfavorable report outlining the grounds for refusal. You must either disprove these grounds or make the necessary amendments before you can send your application to registration. You must discuss with a trademark professional for official advice if you receive an unfavorable report.

The Trademark Acceptance

If you examiner does not have any objection to your mark, or if the objections to your mark have been set on you will be capable to trademark a name in Australia. Your trademark Australia will then present in the Official Journal.

As soon as your mark has been advertised, it must experience a phase of opposition. During this time, other registered trademark owners can rebut your registration on the basis of infringement. It is strange for a trademark to come across any opposition at this phase of the registration process. Should you face opposition, you ought to seek advice from a trademark professional straight away for legal advice.

Trademark Registration

Registration is the last thing to know that how to trademark a name in Australia. If your application meets up no opposition, or if the file opposition is failed, you will receive verification of your registration. You have to then pay the Registration Fee by the specific date to attain official registration.